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Homestead's Full Service Team will combine your business information with their expertise to  create a website focused on getting new customers for your business. Once it's built, they'll even train you how to maintain and update, so the website you have made will help your business succeed long after it is initially created. 

Search engine optimization aims to improve your site ranking for your chosen 
keywords on at least one of the following major search engines [Google, Yahoo!, Bing] within six months.* With this package, Homestead's SEO experts build a more comprehensive submission campaign, including writing and posting a professional article about your business. 

Training includes information on:
  • Updating your site without negatively impacting your search engine ranking
  • How to monitor your campaign progress
  • How to leverage social media, blogging and other opportunities to futher your site's reach

*Due to the nature of organic search, we can not guarantee specific results or a certain number website visitors per month.
Process Steps:
  • A Full Service Consultant will review your Business Profile and submitted content and then research and select 3 keywords for your campaign
  • Search Engine Optimization of content is completed by Full Service Consultant using the selected keywords
  • Optimized Website is built out by Full Service Consultant
  • 30 minute pre-scheduled Site Review of your completed 5-page site with Full Service Consultant
  • Attend group training session
  • Project Complete & Subscription begins

Package Details -- $149.99/month

- Content Optimization:
  • 3 keyword phrases
  • Up to 3 optimized pages of text 
- Incorporate your logo or a stylized name
- 5 pages of content placement (3 optimized pages
   and 2 non-optimized)
- 10 images placed
- Web-based group training

- Homestead Weblistings Premium
- Directory and Site submission
- Article submission
- Access to Analytics Dashboard
- Platinum Hosting Account

*6 month minimum committment -- 
Updated 11/28/2012
Our dashboard provides you insight into your SEO campaign, along with traffic and visitors to your site. Click on any of the screenshots below for a larger view.
Full Service Package

Unless otherwise specified on the most current Order Summary or the current Service Offering, all Full Service Packages include the following: 

  • A template-based website with content placement and search engine optimization. This site includes:
  • Up to five (5) pages with a template for additional pages for customer use. This website will be built based on information you provide in your Business Profile and any material you supply us (logos, text and images) prior to scheduling your Site Review appointment date.
  • Placement of up to ten (10) Graphics and Photos electronically supplied by You (up to an average of three (3) included per page) in Homestead-approved formats, which will be incorporated into your site as part of the Design Services. 
  • Unless otherwise specified in the current Order Summary, Homestead will not provide Copywriting as part of the Design Services. Homestead will perform basic formatting, Spell Checking, and Grammar Checking on customer-supplied text if specified in the Service Offering on the or site at the time of your Order, or if specified in the Order Summary. 
  • Through the Search Engine Optimization, we try to improve search engine ranking on at least one of the following search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing (U.S. versions only) for one of the selected Keywords. We do not control search engines in terms of how they rank sites or how fast a site is indexed, and any improvements in search engine ranking resulting from SEO may take months and is not guaranteed. 
  • Keyword research and selection by Homestead of up to three (3) keyword phrases. Selection of keywords will be based on the information you provide to us in your Business Profile.
  • Optimization of three (3) pages of text content You provide including appropriate tags, links and usage of keywords. Content must be supplied to us and ready for optimization prior to scheduling your Site Review appointment.
  • Creation of an xml sitemap to aid search engines in discovering your website pages.
  • One thirty (30) minute phone call to review your completed website as it has been built out by Homestead. During this Site Review, a member of our Design and Search Engine Optimization team will discuss features of your site and allow you to request corrections or changes. Homestead reserves the right to limit the scope of changes available.
  • Hosting for your website on a monthly, annual or biannual billing schedule as selected by You at the time of purchase and billed to the credit card number active in our system.
  • Group webinar training sessions (or suitable alternative to be determined at the discretion of Homestead) that will explain basic Sitebuilder Plus skills and Search Engine Optimization. This training is recommended but not required for all customers.
  • Ongoing off-page Search Engine Optimization intended to help improve your site’s visibility in major US search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Homestead will perform this SEO work with the objective of improved search engine ranking, however Homestead does not guarantee any results.
  • 24/7 access to a self-service portal with information about your website’s traffic and ranking.

​This package includes a 6-month minimum term. If You terminate the Full Service Subscription Package (or downgrade to a different package) prior to the end of the 6-month period, an early termination fee of $300 will apply.
Full Service Package Services Fees and Cancellation Terms 

1. You agree to a 6-month minimum term under the Full Service package. This term begins at purchase.
2. The Full Service package is a subscription product. You will be charged a payment of $149.99, or a pro-rated amount thereof, at purchase and then $149.99 on a monthly basis thereafter as long as you keep the package. This price does not include any additional add-ons or package options you may choose in addition to the Full Service package.
3. If You fail to attend a scheduled Site Review appointment without providing at least twenty-four (24) hours notice, Homestead will charge You a fee of $35.00. If you miss a scheduled Site Review appointment, You have the option to reschedule the appointment a maximum of two (2) times, however, the site we have built may be live and published and available for searching and crawling on the Internet.
4. After three (3) cancelled appointments, Homestead will consider your website project complete and your subscription period will begin without a Site Review. If you need to speak with a member of Homestead’s Design and Optimization Team and your project was completed in this manner, you may purchase time with the Consultant at the cost or $100 per hour for a phone conversation plus an additional fee for any requested changes. 
5. If your service is cancelled prior to scheduling your Site Review appointment, you will be eligible for a full refund of any payments for the Full Service you have made to date.  
6. After your Site Review appointment is scheduled, development work on your site begins immediately and You are not eligible for a refund. Cancellation of a Full Service package may be requested no later than your Site Review appointment for the greater of $149.99 or the total amount you have paid to date for the Full Service Package.
7. Cancellation of your Full Service Package after your Site Review appointment has been scheduled and before the start of the Subscription period will result in removal of your Full Service site, or any portions thereof of from your account.
8. Once the Full Service website project setup is complete and the Subscription period begins, you must keep the Full Service Product active on your account for at least 6 months from the date of purchase, or you may be charged a $300 early termination fee.

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