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Homestead Design Services group can design a website and build it for you. They're a very experienced team of professional design consultants adept at helping walk you through what you want in a Website or StoreFront. They combine your business needs with their expert opinions to help create a website that meets your needs.

Once it's built, we will train you on how to keep it up to date, so the website will continue to help your business succeed long after it is initially created.
Updated 01/07/2013
Design Services Deluxe Packages
Unless otherwise specified on the most current Order Summary, all Design Services Deluxe Packages include the following:

  • Up to ten (10) pages that follow the agreed upon design layout for the site.
  • Up to thirty (30) Graphics and Photos, in Homestead approved formats, electronically supplied by You (up to an average of three (3) included per page) will be incorporated into your site as part of the Design Service for web site services. Graphic images supplied in other formats may be subject to additional conversion charges from Homestead.
  • Initial phone consultation with a design consultant for up to thirty (30) minutes for the purposes of (1) understanding your business and web site objectives to direct the design approach to be used by Homestead, and (2) further defining the options provided by Homestead for Design Services to properly scope your site design and set expectations on the final delivered service.
  • A web-based, group training class (or suitable alternative to be determined at the discretion of Homestead) on the use of SiteBuilder to enable You to maintain and update the final designed site. A second group training is also available with more advanced topics. Training is recommended but not required for all customers.
  • You will have one (1) revision cycle in which You will receive a Mockup of the proposed main web site page from Homestead and You will have an opportunity within five (5) business days to approve or submit requested changes for content or design revisions to the Mockup via an optional Member-scheduled thirty (30) minute phone-based consultation, or via an online form or other electronic means specified by Homestead. These changes will be incorporated into your site design prior to the Site Buildout.
  • Homestead will provide up to thirty (30) minutes of Content Updates, subject to the conditions listed below, within the first thirty (30) days after you are notified of completion of your Deluxe Design project. These Content Updates must be submitted via an online form or other electronic means specified by Homestead.
  • Content Updates covered during this initial 30-day period are limited to: 
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Package Details:

Setup: $1299.99 one-time fee
  • One 30 minute orientation
  • Incorporate your logo or a stylized name treatment
  • 1 basic Flash Transition with 5 images
  • 1 Revision cycle 
  • Website: 10 pages of content placement and up to 30 images placed
  • StoreFront: 7 pages of text placement and up to 5 products uploaded
  • Basic and Advanced group training (Admission to a 30 minute live webinar class on basic site management and editing and a 30 minute advanced webinar class).
  • 30 minutes worth of content updates within the first 30 days of the completed design

Process Steps:
  • Complete a Business Profile; upload images and accept the Terms of service from the Design Services Customer Center.
  • 30 minute pre-scheduled orientation with Design Consultant
  • Initial Mockup provided by your Design Consultant
  • 1 Revision cycle* conducted through the Design Services Customer Center  (or via phone - if needed)
  • Revised Mockup provided by your Design Consultant
  • Website or StoreFront built out by Design Consultant
  • Basic and Advanced group training
  • 30 minutes worth of content updates within the first 30 days of the completed design
  • Project Complete

*Additional revision cycles cost $100/revision
*  Content Updates as defined in this Agreement herein (i.e., text or graphical changes limited to a single page and not considered part of the site design which impacts multiple pages. Design Updates are not included as part of this update period, but You may purchase additional Design Update enhancements during or after this period. 
*  This update period does not include any changes to the site design that were agreed to during the revision cycle, including default layouts governing the look-and-feel of multiple pages, and functionality changes beyond the look-and-feel of specific text or placement of graphical images on specific pages of the site. 
*  Homestead reserves the right to limit You to a half-hour period in which to complete Content Updates during this period. 

Storefront Packages. If you purchased a Storefront with your Deluxe Design, your package includes the following: 

  • Store template
  • The addition of up to five (5) products to the site by Homestead as part of the site creation for Deluxe Packages subject to You providing Homestead with the relevant product information prior to the Site Buildout. 
  • Default store pages: Home, About Us, Customer Service, Policies, Privacy Statement, FAQ, and Store Locations. Unless otherwise requested by you and agreed upon by Homestead, your package will include these pages.
  • Any additional pages to the default pages listed above may be added at a cost of twenty-five dollars ($25) per page. Any such pages may be coded in HTML or set up with SiteBuilder if You already have an existing Homestead web site. 
  • A web-based, group training to enable You to add products and text to default store pages. You may elect to have Homestead add additional products to the Storefront at a one-time cost of two dollars ($2.00) per product. You must provide a completed product entry spreadsheet meeting Homestead’s specifications along with the product images in Homestead-approved formats. Graphic images supplied in other formats not approved by Homestead may be subject to additional conversion charges from Homestead. You are responsible for any troubleshooting that may be required if the spreadsheet does not meet the required format or is not accepted by the Storefront system.